Map. History of Hungary conflict

22 Îlon 2018
1 day ago
[email protected] (@MFA_Ukraine): In Transcarpathia, Hungary has violated the Vienna Convention
2 day ago
Hungary warns of retaliation if Ukraine acts on dual citizenship spat
Viktor Orban starts joint press conference by congratulating Putin on reelection. (6 months ago.)4 day ago
Viktor Orban starts joint press conference by congratulating Putin on reelection. (6 months ago.)
4 day ago
In the Kremlin, Orban bemoans the lack of a "favourable international climate" for Hungary-Russia relations but doesn't blame Putin for that. "All unpleasant things exist so that we can fight them together," Orban says. "I think we're managing it."
1 week ago
September 18, Moscow: Putin will meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
1 week ago
Hungary PM Orban on radio described plans to boost Frontex and the EU's external border control as a German effort to take part of the border control away from peripheral countries and give it to Brussels. He also added that the centre of modern antisemitism is in Brussels.
Sargentini report adopted. In historic vote, European Parliament for the first time calls for Article 7 rule of law sanctions against a member state. Hungary
❝To say that criticising your government is a criticism of a nation or a people is the coward's way out Mr Orban. Don't try to deflect attention. If you make these laws then stand for them and we will debate them.❞ —@TimmermansEU
Hungary's Orban attended the Turkic Council summit in Kyrgyzstan. He praised the Turkic (Kipchak) roots of Hungarians and met with Turkey's Erdogan and other Turkic leaders like Aliyev, Morziyoyev and Nazarbayev.
Hungarian PM and Italian interior minister meet in Milan to discuss shared ambitions and a common enemy.
3 week ago
Hungary bans Kaspersky lab software on government computers
3 week ago
Hungary FM Szijjarto had a phone call with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov yesterday, discussed practical aspects of bilateral cooperation and the schedule for further bilateral contacts.
1 month ago
Budapest airport sealed off due to officially unidentified emergency. @Zoomponthu reports the container of a legal shipment of iridium isotope got damaged and started to leak on a @TurkishAirlines plane.
1 month ago
The new BMW factory in Debrecen demonstrates the strength of Germany-Hungary relations; govt discussed a ban on skyscrapers; govt unwilling to finance genderstudies courses - cabinet minister Gergely Gulyas said at his weekly press conference.
1 month ago
Ukraine is ready to ban entry for envoy of Budapest to Transcarpathia - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ukrainian nationalists urged authorities to respond to hostile Hungarian moves in Transcarpathian region
1 month ago
Hungary decided to create the post of Minister of Development of Transcarpathian region
1 month ago
Orban loyalists take control of prominent Hungarian news channel
1 month ago
BMW to build 1 billion euro electric car factory in Hungary
1 month ago
Hungarian PM sees shift to illiberal Christian democracy in 2019 European vote
1 month ago
A Hungarian samizdat publication has launched an online petition, addressed to the US government, for Radio Free Europe to resume broadcasting in Hungary.
1 month ago
Hungary PM Orban says new European Commission needed
EU Commission refers Hungary to court for non-compliance with EU asylum rules
Israeli @PresidentRuvi tells Hungary's Victor Orban: Neo-fascism is a danger to the world
In Israel, PM Orban says all Jews can feel safe in Hungary: We have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism
Hungary's ultra-nationalist PM just landed in Israel
2 month ago
Hungary to quit U.N. migration pact: minister
According to a Kremlin transcript, Orbán told Putin today at their meeting that sanctions are harmful.2 month ago
According to a Kremlin transcript, Orbán told Putin today at their meeting that sanctions are harmful.
2 month ago
The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to support the rapprochement between Ukraine and NATO
Hungary blocked the meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission at the summit in Brussels
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