Map. History of Hungary conflict

23 February 2018


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2 hour ago
Hungary wants at least half a billion euros for protecting borders: PM
1 day ago
US Department of State: Budapest Hungary Demonstration Alert: demonstration expected at 5pm on Feb. 23. The route includes Deák tér (district 5), Bajcsy Zsilinszky út (district 5 and 6), Alkotmány utca (district 5), and Kossuth tér/ Parliament (district 5).
Merkel ahead of informal EU summit: „Redistribution of structural funds should also reflect willingness to accept migrants" - indirect threat to Poland Hungary
3 day ago
Hungary: the parliament adopted a resolution on the support of Poland
4 day ago
Hungary's Orban calls for global anti-migrant alliance with eye on 2018 elections
5 day ago
Hungary may increase legal steps against `Soros' plan: Orban
Hungary anti-immigration bill is an 'assault on human rights': U.N.
Bernie Sanders: One of the great crises we face is the rise of authoritarianism. Whether it's Putin, Trump, Duterte or Viktor Orban in Hungary, we are seeing attacks against freedom of the press, democratic election laws and an independent judiciary.
Molotov cocktail was thrown at Hungarians association office in Uzhgorod
3 week ago
Hungary says could quit U.N. talks on migration pact
3 week ago
Hungary's Orban visits Austria's right-wing government, seeking allies
3 week ago
Eastern EU states tell Brussels to back off
Hungary's planned 'Stop Soros' laws are dangerous, mendacious, arbitrary, and exceptionally damaging, say reps of 24 NGOs1 month ago
Hungary's planned 'Stop Soros' laws are "dangerous, mendacious, arbitrary, and exceptionally damaging", say reps of 24 NGOs
Romania summoned the Ambassador of Hungary after the scandalous incident in Budapest
1 month ago
Ukraine prepares restrictions on minority rights - Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1 month ago
Hungary irate over Romania leader's comments about autonomy
1 month ago
Hungarian PM calls for strong role for Eastern Europe in EU
1 month ago
Orban: We don't want to live in an empire, but in the alliance of free European nations. Europe can only be strong if its nation states are strong.
1 month ago
Orban: The EU's migration policy failed spectacularly. Hungary says that borders must be protected, immigration must be stopped, help should be brought where it's needed.
2 month ago
Today the ruling Fidesz party's main daily paper ran an article explicitly referring to a Jewish global network giving Jews "positive discrimination" and "hurting the majority's interests", arguing that Soros is now creating a "more violent" one where "money is God". #Hungary
Israel managed to break the EU consensus and get Hungary and Czech Republic to abstain in the UNGA vote against Trump's Jerusalem announcement
Poland says EU decision is politically, convinced Hungary would block the process
2 month ago
The city of Pécs adopted a formal declaration asking people not to provide space to "organizations linked to George Soros." One NGO has already lost its rental agreement as a result of political pressure
Hungary poll: 75% of Hungarians consider EU membership important, but only 36% of Fidesz thinks accordingly. Even far right Jobbik voters far better2 month ago
Hungary poll: 75% of Hungarians consider EU membership important, but only 36% of Fidesz thinks accordingly. Even far right Jobbik voters far better
2 month ago
In Hungary, @donaldtusk delivers a "confession of faith" in the EU and warns of dangers from its "political barbarians".
2 month ago
Hungary's Jobbik party says fine risks making it insolvent ahead of 2018 vote
EU takes Czechs, Hungary, Poland to top court over migrant quotas
2 month ago
Hungary charges Jobbik MEP with spying on EU for Russia
While visiting Beregove in Western Ukraine, Min @PavloKlimkin met with ethnic Hungarian Ukrainian students at Ukrainian-funded Hungarian school.
2 month ago
Hungary PM Orban, U.S. financier Soros clash as elections loom