Map. History of Hungary conflict

21 November 2017
Chinese premier Li Keqiang will visit Hungary, attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Russia from November 26 to December 2
Hungarian Viktor Orbán "has changed from being a leader of the rebellion against the then-prevailing government to having converted into the leader of a mafia state" - George Soros speaks out in @FT
George Soros has published a point-by-point response to Hungary's National Consultation on the so-called "Soros plan", arguing that every question sent by the Orban gov to voters is misleading or a falsehood.
Police just arrived at Pest-Buda Restaurant where anti-Orban protesters are sitting in. Hungary
Common County Movement announces fundraising campaign to run opinion polls in Hungary's 106 electoral districts to see which candidate can defeat Fidesz. Movement will campaign for those individuals.
Hungarian carrier Wizz Air orders 146 new planes worth $17.2bn
Hungary government officials are displaying this chart in town halls: "Soros is operating a whole network in Hungary and Europe." Names specific NGOs, media outlets, think tanks, and opposition parties.
Hungary blocked the next meeting of the Commission NATO-Ukraine
Police in Hungary say man wanted for 70 murders in Pakistan arrested among group of migrants near Austria's border
Hungary detains migrant wanted for 70 murders in Pakistan: police
Pro-democracy protesters try to disrupt Orban speech
Fidesz supporters gathering for Orban's 1956 anniversary speech. Average age 60+
100 approx at Ukr embassy in Budapest protesting education language bill, one of organizers Tamás Gaudi-Nagy fielding questions from Ukr journos
Ukraine has sent a note of protest to Hungary cause planned action "self-Determination for Transcarpathia"
MFA Pavlo Klimkin: Hungary MFA informed UA ambassador about demonstration "Self-determination for Transcarpathia". Budapest supports separatism?
Hungary demands faster EU, NATO integration of West Balkans
Hungary FM: "Poland can always count on Hungary in debates in the European Union and outside the EU."
Fidesz MP (and energy undersecretary) says Soros Plan is the final assault of Satan and "Christians MUST take up the fight against Satan!"
Hungary PM warns against eroding free movement for EU citizens
EU 'steps up' legal action against Hungary over NGO crackdown
Hungary's opposition Socialists lose PM candidate, in disarray ahead 2018 vote
Police detained 4 in attempt to blown up Hungarian monument in Transcarpathian region
Ukraine's education minister agrees to meet with Hungary's Human Resources Minister to discuss new education law.
Orban met with Szydlo and Kaczynski today
Head of PiS caucus: Meeting with Kaczynski will be Orban's most important meeting in Warsaw today
Együtt's protest at the Felcsút local train - the symbol of poorly used EU funds in Hungary.
Orban warns of mass migration and Islam's new offensive, says Brussels bureacrats eat out of Soros's hand
'The EU is not a supermarket where everyone can help themselves.' @MartinSchulz, the SPD's chancellor candidate, on Hungary and the EU
Hungarian Defence Minister István Simicskó observed operations held as part of a regional border protection military exercise near Allentsteig, in northern Austria, on Friday
Hungarian officials visited the ATO area and the front line